Donation and Crowdfunding 


1. How do I donate or sponsor to HopeCom's activities?

2. How can I cancel my donation?

3. Community fundraising - Crowdfunding

4. Advertising instructions



1. How do I donate or sponsor HopeCom's activities?

HopeCom is the abbreviation of Hope Community Support Center, a charitable, non-profit organization. Our community relies entirely on donations from members and generous contributors to help us maintain the Site and improve free online tools for all.

Donate, donate online
The easiest way is that you can donate by bank transfer or credit card by clicking here

Donations and offline donations
Sorry, due to the high transaction costs associated with depositing checks and cash, we are limited in accepting offline contributions. Please consider making an online donation and rest assured that your details are subject to the utmost security standards!

2. How can I cancel my donation / contribution?

The HopeCom community maintains and operates based entirely on the contributions of benefactors and members from all over. Donations, your contribution, big or small, are very valuable for our works.

If you would like to know the results of these donations, join us to experience HopeCom 's features .

To cancel your donation, simply send us an email and we will process it as soon as possible.

3. Community fundraising - Crowdfunding

For fundraisers , you can solicit direct contributions from your current supporters, other users, and the public to help your petition/relief suceed. is an online community site geared towards social petitions. Now, we have added a new fundraising tool to many HopeCom community users. For fundraisers, you can solicit direct contributions from your current supporters, other users, and the public, to drive your recommendations to success.

How to raise a community fund
If you're ready to take the next step with your petition, fundraising can help you cover the costs of printing, submitting applications, organizing events, delivering, travelling to meet decision makers, billboards or anything else to help you create the desired support.

If you have achieved 100 or more support signatures in your petition, you will see the Community Fundraising button appear on your petition, just click that to start your fundraising setup. friend.

Here are some tips for creating a successful fundraising petition:

a) Create your fund

Set an achievable goal: When deciding how much money to raise, research how much money you need to drive the Petition to be successfully addressed, and make sure you choose how much you can achieve. OK. People are more likely to contribute if they feel your recommendations can be successful. Make it feel achievable by letting supporters know you plan to achieve your goals. For example: You clearly stated that "If there are one thousand supporters with VND 50,000 each, we will achieve the fundraising goal of this proposal."

  • Clear and specific presentation: Your fundraising document should clearly explain why this is important to you, how the fund is used and why this will have a big positive impact or outcome.. Instead of just saying: it costs VND 20 million to submit a petition, you can detail it by saying:

- 5 million will be paid for some banners and advertising

- 6 million will be paid for printing documents, applications and signatures of supporters

- 9 million will cover your travel expenses

  • Use compelling images: Just like recommendations, fundraisers with vivid images are likely to receive better feedback. Using meaningful images for your petition will inspire people.

b) Share with supporters 

When you launch your fundraiser, you will have the option to notify backers by sending them updates. We will provide some sample text that you can use, but it will take a few minutes to tailor this notice. This is your chance to email supporters, explaining why your fundraising is important and how it will help you reach the goals of the petition.

During your petition process, you can use the petition update feature to sign the petitioner to promote your fundraising. But you shouldn't send too many messages. We recommend that you send three or four updates about your fundraising and usually a few days apart.

c) Share with your personal network

After you have informed supporters of your proposal for fundraising, share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Zalo and other social media networks. Your family and close friends may understand that this is important to you and will want to help you.

d) Keep up to date with your supporters

Contributors to your post will want to receive updates from you as your petition progresses. Use the update feature to send them news on the progress of the Petition, ask them to share your fundraising link, or “thank you” for their support.

e) Thanks for your supporters

Once you've reached your fundraising goal, send a thank you to your supporters with the fundraising update tool. This is a great way for all your supporters to know that you are preparing to use the funds and promise to let them know when you do.

f) Use money in the budget

Once the funds have been deposited into your bank account, it's time to use the money!
Use the funds as described in your petition and try to do it as quickly as possible. If you have already funded your application, contact EMS / DHL / FedEx or your local dealer and hire to print documents, signature lists, create banners or tables and organize your submission.

g) Talk to supporters about your success

It is important that when you have used the funds to help your Petition, you will send an update to let supporters know that their support money has been used as planned. For example: If you have printed and sent the petition directly to the authorities or the decision maker, then send the supporter with evidence of this, such as a photo of the time you filed the Petition or a notice. your submission / submission.

4. Advertising instructions

Advertising on allows you to draw attention to your petitions and connect with supporters. It helps us maintain and develop free for everyone to use. is a charity. We aim to connect the community with the issues they care about most; That principle is at the heart of every activity we do, including our operating model.

We also provide the community with a spillover support tool to promote Petitions through the Petition Advertising service.

We will continue to innovate the operating model of in various ways to connect people and support successful recommendations to maintain that is free for all to use.

As an open website, individuals and organizations with a variety of perspectives can advertise on It is important for us to try to make advertising a useful experience. Useful and interesting for every user.

We recognize that the ads that will perform most effectively on are those that affect individuals, the community, the welfare, or the financial interests of individuals or the community. We have the following rules and restrictions on advertising on :

  • ads are for public purposes and should not be intended solely for the sale of goods or services. You may have commercial goals in your advertising, but it's not just for your own benefit.
  • users have recommendations that target different decision makers. Advertisers have no effect on user content; User generated recommendations on will only be deleted if they violate our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.
  • Advertising must not support or support hate or terrorist groups including hate speech or explicitly support discrimination against a group of people based on age, skin color, and disability , ethnic origin, gender, nationality, racial background, medical condition, or veteran.
  • We do not tolerate abuse, threats, teasing or any other form of bullying in advertising.
  • Advertising must not directly encourage or promote violence, or harm people or property. We will not allow support for violent groups or violent organizations, or the individuals associated with them.
  • Ads must not violate a user's privacy by including a personal email address, identification document, credit card number, home address, personal phone number or photos of people in private settings without their consent.
  • Advertising must not promote illegal activities under Vietnamese and international law, including political advertising restrictions.

If we know that a user petition promoted through our Advertising Pet tool violates the above-mentioned guidelines, we may have to disable this tool in the application. specific recommendations.