How we work?


You have a desire, dream, interest, or hope...? Join HopeCom community, stay connected together we will achieve victories!



Hopecom works with organizations and individuals in Vietnam and abroad to mobilize donations to sponsor programs, projects, and activities for humanitarian purposes; to promote healthcare, support for the most vulnerable individuals and communities


Social issues have direct impact on all community members, then it requires a great deal of resources and time to resolve.

Today, thanks to new technology and a rising ethic of global interdependence, that constraint no longer applies. 
Following legislations like Citizen code 42/2013/QH13: “...citizens have the right to petition for issues they are interested in...”. 

Advanced technology today also allows us to creat petition, share to supporter network in a way which has never been faster, flexible, cost - effective. 

@ Online pettition and fundraising tool:
- HopeCom provides online tool set allowing members to creat petition, share and mobilise support from friends, family.  

- When petition campaign is being shared among family, friend networks, it will inspire and draw greater interest from community. Ultimately it will create positive infuence on media, decision makers and related organisations 

- When there is a certain number of supporters, migh work with media partners to cover the breaking news and emotional stories. And put more pressure on the emergency of the issue. 

- next, together with the member, to organise appointments with the decision makers, related organisations...advocate and persuade them to take action to resolve the issue set out in the petition. 

Next step to victory!
- When the petition is reviewed and answered, The member and will announce to declare “Victory” and close the campaign.

@ Hopecom work with local charity, volunteers to provide support, releif items to victims of disaster including floods, fire, earthquake...

@Hopcom implement community healthcare program: Health examination with basic medicine support