Sexual harassment in Galaxy 9 apartment elevator: Prosecuting former deputy prosecutor Nguyen Huu Linh


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❗️ On the evening of May 22, the leader of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee confirmed: In the afternoon of the same day, the Prosecutor of District 4 transferred the prosecution case of Mr. Nguyen Huu Linh to the court of District 4.
❗️ The court has entered the proceedings and submitted to the judge the case file for the judge to assign the judge to solve according to regulations.
❗️ Mr. Linh prosecution under Clause 1 of Article 146 of the Penal Code in 2015 on charges of obscenity for persons under 16 years of age.
❗️ Therefore, the investigation and prosecution case for Mr. Linh was completed within a month after the prosecution of the case.
VICTORY: On April 21, 2019, Nguyen Huu Linh was prosecuted, banned from leaving the residence for prostitution in a lift.  According to the lawyer, if it is determined that Mr. Linh has fled, the Authority may issue a wanted notice under Article 231 of the 2015 Criminal Procedure Code -moi-no-cu-tru-nguyen-pho-vien-truong-vks-da-nang-dam-o-be-gai-dang-o-dau-d470824.html
UPDATE:  According to MOLISA, more than 2000 children are abused each year: moi-chi-la-phan-noi-crab-tang-bang-chim-60679.aspx Child abuse cannot be tolerated! Please support the petition to strictly punish pedophilia and child abuse to protect our children!
UPDATE: On the morning of April 19, the National Assembly Judiciary Committee proposed to explain the investigation of the former Danang deputy ProsecutorDetailed link: html


Join hands to support the strict resolution, protecting children from pedophilia, both physically and mentally.

Mr. Linh is a former Deputy Director of the City People's ProsecutorDanang. This is also the man who appeared in the clip of a girl who was about 7 years old in the Galaxy apartment elevator. People living in the Galaxy 9 apartment said that based on the video extracted from the camera provided by the Management Board, they learned that on April 1, 2019, in the Galaxy apartment elevator, a man incident happened. Older acts of molesting a girl. Since the discovery of the incident and the authorities received the accusation, more than 15 days have passed but the case has not been prosecuted. Therefore, Galaxy 9 residents in particular and people across the country in general are looking forward to information prosecuting, strictly handling Mr. Linh's behavior. "This behavior must be strictly punished", Mr. Đ. (resident) pressing. "

Galaxy 9 residents are very upset because the incident of a lewd girl has not been prosecuted.Galaxy 9 residents are very upset because the incident of a lewd girl has not been prosecuted.

According to many people, the behavior of the former Deputy Chief of People's Procuracy, Da Nang is disdain for legal discipline. This behavior needs to be punished properly to set an example for bad people, contribute to protecting children from pedophilia, physical abuse, harm to the hearts of children as well as making many children carry with them, pain throughout life. "We made a petition to the authorities to quickly handle the case in order to protect children in our community in particular and Vietnamese children in general. This petition is to be strictly handled by the competent authority, "the residents expressed. Under the Criminal Code, investigating bodies are obliged to inspect and verify information sources to decide whether to institute criminal proceedings or not to institute criminal cases within 20 days after receiving denunciations.  

Let's share, sign and support the petition so that the authorities will handle it strictly, protect children from pedophilia and abuse both physically and mentally.

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Posted: 18.04.2019 16:05
Posted: 18.04.2019