Protect forest and prevent the Central Vietnam from floods


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This petition sends to: Chairwoman of Vietnam's Parliament, Standing Committee of Parliament

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Stop deforesting, prevent Central Vietnam from floods

To: National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Head of the National Assembly's Voluntary Committee Duong Thanh Binh Standing Committee of the 14th National Assembly

We, who signed the petition as follows: Over the past October, a disaster of floods and landslides occurred in the Central region, causing serious consequences. As of October 31, there were 229 people dead and missing, with economic damage of more than 30.000 billion VND *.

The forest is being devastated, the vegetation has been lost, so the floods to the Central are getting bigger and bigger, continuously causing serious landslides, causing tragic disasters both in life and economy. Natural forests, shields against erosion, landslides and floods are being destroyed: Due to illegal logging and deforestation. According to Nguoi Lao Newspaper, "From the beginning of August 2020 up to now, the illegal logging and transportation of timber in the protective forest area around DakRe Hydropower Plant (Ba To District, Quang Ngai Province) has occurred in the day light " The bandits were wobbly and ready to attack the rangers when chased.

Posted: 30.10.2020